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New for small businesses, landlords and entrepreneurs exempt from VAT: Downloads and deliveries from other EU countries require advance VAT returns! Therefore, check at Amazon and other invoices from where the goods were sent.

Since 2019, business trips to other European countries must always be accompanied by an A1 certificate, even if you are only staying abroad for one day. Some States impose fines!

The child benefit can only be claimed 6 months later and, in principle, whether it has been paid or not, it is calculated against the allowance in the income tax return. German child benefit can also be paid for children living in another EU country, even at the ex-partner's home. Do not give money away, apply for child benefit!


HERE the link to the current child benefit amounts.

If you are resident in Germany, all worldwide investment income is taxable here. In the case of foreign securities accounts, the foreign confirmations must be transformed into German tax law. A new law will apply to income from investment funds from 2018, which requires considerable preparatory work to determine taxable income.


HERE the link to my article on How to Germany?


Not only the world, but also tax law and its technical environment, is changing continuously and ever faster. Focused on your personal situation, we would like to be your anchor and guide in finding a good way for your tax decisions.

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  • The full range of tax advisory services for business and private clients

  • Specialist knowledge for expats and cross-border tax issues

  • Dedicated advice on tax issues in order to shape a successful future.

  • International tax consulting in German and English

  • Digital collaboration through OneClick portal

  • High level of expertise through intensive training