The service for private and business customers has been expanded to include special services for expats.

Our service for expats

If you are resident in Germany, all worldwide capital gains are taxed here. In the case of foreign custody accounts, the foreign confirmations must be transformed into German tax law. A new law will apply to income from investment funds from 2018, which requires considerable preliminary work to determine the taxable income.

  • Tax returns for limited tax liability if you live abroad and rent a property in Germany.

  • Inheritance and gift tax declarations for inheritances/gifts from abroad or with foreign assets

  • Cross-border double financial management

  • Taxation of foreign pensions or other income if resident in Germany

  • Voting rights under double taxation agreements, e.g. for teachers and professors

  • Advice on investment income from securities accounts abroad, in particular questions relating to the new investment tax law

  • On request cooperation with CPA's (certified public accountant)

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We advise and support you in English and German.

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