Private Clients

International tax advice for private individuals

Our Service for Private Clients

Tax declarations

  • Income tax returns

  • Photovoltaic systems with value added tax

  • Tax returns for rental with limited tax liability

  • Portal for document transmission and data exchange

Gifts and inheritance

  • Inheritance tax declaration

  • Gift tax declaration

  • Advice on the tax implications of wills

  • Advice on avoiding double taxation on gifts and in the event of death in cross-border situations

Foreign affairs

  • Advice on tax issues when moving to Germany or abroad

  • Advice on double taxation problems

  • Cooperation with CPAs for US citizens

Advice on real estate

  • Design advice on the purchase or sale of real estate

  • Advice on tax issues relating to financing

Do you have questions about your taxes? 

We would be happy to advise you as part of our tax consultancy work. We are also happy to answer any tax-related questions you may have abroad.

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